Aviemore Medical Practice

Aviemore Medical Practice

Badenoch & Strathspey Community Hospital, Cairnview Road, Aviemore, PH22 1AJ

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Telephone: 01479 810258

Secure Email: nhsh.gp55911-admin@nhs.scot

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New treatments for Coronavirus




Flu and Covid Booster Vaccination Clinics:
The GP contract with the government has changed a few years ago and GP practices are no longer the preferred delivery model for vaccinations. As NHS Highland has not fully implemented taking over vaccinations in our area, GP practices can still participate on an optional basis if they have capacity (you will find that in most other health boards in Scotland all vaccinations are already run by them and not GP practices and this has been the case for some time). So this means that some practices in Highland are still doing all their vaccinations, most are doing a small part only (certain age groups) and others who do not have capacity have stopped. Due to our move to the new hospital and taking on other clinical obligations we as a practice have capacity to run flu clinics for under 18s only and all other flu clinics and Covid booster clinics will be run by NHS Highland instead. They will be in contact with eligible patients directly about flu and Covid booster vaccination clinics in due course.

The surgery is open and we are working hard to ensure that core services are maintained. For your safety and the safety of our staff, we would ask you to read the website carefully as we will try to keep it updated with any information and links that might help you at this time.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, please follow the guidance below:

Whilst we appreciate all that people are doing to help the NHS during this time, it’s vital those with non-coronavirus health concerns still seek help as they would have before the outbreak.  Your GP surgery is here for you, so please don’t ignore the warning signs, you are looking after yourself and the NHS by doing so.


  • If you wish an appointment you will need to phone the practice on T: 01479 810258 initially. 
  • Please note that our lines are kept open for emergency calls only from 8-8.30am and from 5-6pm.
  • Our receptionists will ask for an outline of the issue you wish to discuss and you will be called back by one of our clinical staff who will assess the need for an appointment. Most appointments will now take place via telephone or online but a face-to-face appointment will be arranged if needed.
  • Please do not come to the practice if you do not have an appointment booked.
  • It is important that you do attend appointments that have not been cancelled be they regular appointments, child immunisations or hospital appointments.

Social Distancing

  • We would also ask that adults attending the surgery for an appointment would do so whilst wearing a face covering they have brought in with them where possible. Please come to the practice on your own or with only one carer if required.
  • For children’s appointments we ask that only one parent/carer comes along and to please avoid bringing siblings along.

Prescription Requests and Samples

  • Prescription requests and sample bottles should be handed in at the reception desk.

Aviemore Medical practice is a six doctor medical practice offering medical services for residents of and visitors to Aviemore and surrounding area. We feel privileged to work in an area of outstanding natural beauty – the stunning Cairngorm National Park.

Our practice is unique in many ways – we are the only designated casualty unit in Scotland with no overnight beds, the only general practice in the UK that provides primary medical attention to significant numbers of skiers, snowboarders and other outdoor enthusiasts.

We also provide an immediate medical care service assisting other emergency services at road accidents etc. Please understand that at times this may result in one or more GPs being called away from the practice at short notice. We appreciate that this may lead to delays but hope you’ll agree that if someone’s life is in imminent danger, then this has to take priority over routine surgeries.

Our practice aspires to be a centre of excellence for medical training and we currently offer primary care education to a variety of doctors in training at various stages of their careers as well as undergraduate medical students. With our research involvement, we can provide a tailored learning experience for all.


Latest News

New treatments for Coronavirus

Posted on January 27th, 2022

There are now additional treatment options for selected groups of people with coronavirus who are thought to be at greater […]